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Moulds for EVA footwear - Samec Group

We produce moulds for EVA applied tosports footwear, trekking shoes, classic footwear or even fashion footwear.

We test our eva moulds on a static Main Group machine for one- and two-col. Soles.

Particularly suitable for elastic and flexible products, it has the following characteristics:

  • Elasticity
  • Lightness
  • Different types of hardness
  • Easy colorability
  • Low density
  • Good mechanical properties
  • High isothermal properties
  • Comfort

Use for various types of products including soles, galoshes, bags, boots and other products.

The manufacturers of EVA machines are:

  • Main group
  • Wintech
  • Tienkang
  • King Style
  • Strong
  • Lida

The finished products made can be boots, galoshes, slippers, soles, sandals, ballet flats and also bags, backpacks, wheels, bike saddles etc.

We have a Main Group machine for EVA, with the following technical characteristics:

  • Large mold holder for mold housing in pairs.
  • Toggle press that allows perfect closure and rapid opening.
  • High precision injectors of the injected volume thanks to a precision electronic system.
  • High productivity and reduced number of wastes.

Flip flops -Galosh - Clogs – Sandals
This articles are usually made of EVA material. Moulds for EVA are usually equipped with cooling lasts (made of wood, resin or aluminium) to avoid deformations due to the special characteristics of the material.

Eva footwear is higly appreciated in the medical sector.

Full plastic single and double colour Boots, Galoshes, Ballerinas, Sandales can be of TR and PVC. Moulds for full plastic articles are tested at Samec on our boots or soles machine.

Finished products