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Moulds for Footwear in TPU for sneakers and high fashion shoes - Samec

Polyurethane Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPU). It is a polymer that is formed from the polycondensation of an isocyanate with a diol: the chemical nature of this chain influences the mechanical behavior and chemical resistance of the material. The longer the chain, the more the material takes on characteristics similar to natural rubber.

The material provides the following characteristics:

  • High resistance to wear and abrasion
  • High tear and tear resistance
  • Optimal cushioning capacity
  • Optimal flexibility at low temperatures
  • High resistance to oil, fats, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oxygen and ozone
  • Lightness

These characteristics remain unchanged over a wide range of time and temperatures. The normal can normally be worked in the injection systems.
Particularly suitable for high fashion footwear and, at the same time, for sports footwear. It can be easily transformed on the same machines used to print the TR. It is completely recyclable.

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